Basin's Wholesale Printing Program

Wholesale Printing

Finally a wholesale print program to help other print companies!

Yes!  Basin Printing offers wholesale printing to other print shops.  Our wholesale printing is very simple: 40% off regular pricing, and a signed agreement not to pursue the client directly.  We ship to your office so you can repackage and make sure you're getting exactly what you ordered.

Why wholesale printing?

Maybe you need more capacity.  Maybe your equipment broke and you need some help.  Maybe you have some sick staff and just need a little bit of extra help.

Why do we offer wholesale printing service?

Simple, it helps you out, and it keeps our machines running.  Its a win win.

Who can apply for the wholesale printing program?

If you are a print shop, you qualify.

How can I guarantee you won't steal my clients?

Fair question.  We have a signed contract not to pursue the client.  We have lots of other work already and we believe there is plenty of work for all of us.  This program helps out our fellow print shops.  Heck, you can even use our wholesale price to outbid us on the same project and it won't hurt our feelings at all!  This really is a "win win" situation for all of us. 

Are there any exceptions to the whole sale rules?

As always, there are very few and limited exceptions to the rules, (like we don't offer 40% off on postage.)  We like to keep it simple.

Contact us today to sign up for our wholesale print pricing program.